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Vision For Every Stage of Your Life.

Where Do I Start?

At Capstone Vision, our patient-centered, direct care ophthalmology is customized to suit your needs. We treat each patient as an individual and take the time to get to know you and your needs, hobbies and lifestyle before making any recommendation for your Lifelong Vision.

We call our unique eye care program the Lifelong Vision Partnership exam. Everyone is unique. Your individualized Lifelong Vision Partnership exam is, well, our way to discover that! Based on this thorough exam, combined with the ability to spend time answering all of your questions, we will have gathered all the information so you will be well educated for what is best for you, your vision, and your lifestyle needs. You can trust in many years of experience and training Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck has, to guide your eye care needs.

Meet Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck

Bringing 14 years of vision care expertise home

After successfully practicing on the east coast for 14 years, Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck returned to Michigan in 2016 to bring her expertise back to her home state. Dr. Emmert-Buck hopes to gain the trust of a new group of patients here in Auburn Hills through her dedication to direct patient care, thorough patient education, and increased patient autonomy.

Our Values


We combine vision with health, wellness, beauty, and nutrition education for enlightened patients.


We equip patients with a complete education so they are empowered to create their ideal vision and lifestyle.


We believe that focusing on complete and holistic patient education is central to a great experience.


Our sole focus is creating a great experience for each and every patient that visits our practice.

Price Transparency

Capstone Vision works directly for you—the patient.

We believe that healthcare decisions should be made between you and your doctor, not your insurance company. We accept limited insurance plans, including Medicare, BCBS Traditional, BCBS PPO, many Aetna products, and many Priority products. Capstone Vision is also a DIRECT PAY PRACTICE for anyone who wants to truly experience the freedom of PURE MEDICAL CARE.  If you have Medicare, however, you may not choose Direct Pay Medicine, as we are required to submit Medicare claims.

Insurance companies may not quite understand your personal situation. For that reason, we encourage you to ask us about our Direct Pay services. Direct Pay Medical care is where service costs are TRANSPARENT and PERSONALIZED.

No middle entity will interfere with your care at Capstone Vision when you choose DIRECT PAY MEDICAL CARE.  THAT’S Price Transparency. (You may not choose Direct Pay Medical Care if you have Medicare.)

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